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My weapons and ammo needed availability in the game if all or most mods are present.

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This is to make sure all of the ammo and weapons are available in the game if you have all the weapon and ammo mods I've made and start a new game.
One by one they are fine... but not all at once. (I've just noticed this as I've gotten to the locations in my new game.)
I also made the Range Dart Rifle 99000 caps so that it will actually show up in Vendortron's list.
(and won't cause any other issues... seems I was loading up Vendortron with too much.)
If you've had no problems getting them and don't think you need this, then don't bother.

load order:
CapCounterfeitingRevamp (not included for update, no changes, still it needs to be in this spot)
NukaMelee (2 of them now at Cap Counterfeiting)
Weapinsanity (Gas Bombs can be bought from Mick)
REPCONNandSAW (REPCONN Rockets are now with Alexander at 188 trading post)
Project Projectiles (Rifle fix...again! Cost too much)

*You won't be able to buy the Mini Nuka's... but there are enough already at Cap Counterfeiting.
You also won't be able to buy the Nuka Sledge and Lance so I put them at Cap Counterfeiting.
(Use those melee weapons as decoration because they are free.)

Done and... done.