Fallout New Vegas
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A collection of short to medium length quests that all relate to the criminal underworld of the Mojave Wasteland.

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Before the war, the Vegas area was a hot bed of crime and illegal activity, and the Great War hasn't changed that. New Vegas Crime Capers, much like my previous mod New Vegas Stories, presents several lore friendly side quests that vary greatly in tone, length and complexity. But this time, all of them relate to crime in some way, from rigged boxing matches to gang violence. There isn't as much voice acting this time around sadly, but I hope you enjoy the mod regardless.

Update: Special thanks to Hitman, who identified a strange issue with the mod that caused some Novac stuff to break and made a new version of the esp that doesn't cause Novac script breakage.

How to start each quest:

Cards on the Table: After you meet Mr. House for the first time, you'll be approached by a woman named B. Mako who will give you the quest (may need to do this quest on a fresh save).

A Streetcar Named Addiction: Speak to a woman named Prisca around the Freeside North Gate.

The Cheapest Showman: Find Magnus the Magnificent Master of Magic in North Vegas Square.

Queen of Kings: Speak to an injured King named Hatches in the Old Mormon Fort.

Bounty Killer: Speak to a ghoul named Ezekiel at the 188 Trading Post (requires you to be level 11 or higher).

Liberation: Find a man named Jesper in the Thorn.

Shadow Boxing: Speak to a man named Clay who is shouting in front of the Ultra Luxe.

Voice Actors:

Crabcakes125 - Mark

Acryphos - Arctor, Jesper, Trapper, Curso, Perry, Gonazo

Connormirdanda97 - Carlito

Special Thanks:

Velvet Goat

Jeff Parker Fan Club

The Frontier Dev Team




Hopefully the Frontier comes out before my next mod.