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A mystery quest mod, set in an entirely new region to explore.

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Within quiet, secluded forests, the small town of Darkwood Falls is deeply in trouble...

This is a fully voiced mystery quest mod, set in an entirely new worldspace. In addition to the main questline, there are several additional locations to explore as well as sidequests to complete.

Important Notes

***The mod is started by talking to the Mystery Man in the back room of the Vikki and Vance casino***
- This mod requires the four main DLCs - Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road.
- The mod is compatible with just about everything as it only adds content to the game, and doesn't alter any vanilla content.
- Some combat encounters can be tough - I recommend making sure that your character is at least level 15 before starting the quest.

Install & Uninstall

Install and Uninstall with your preferred mod manager. To update from one of the old versions, just overwrite with 1.2.

Alternatively, you can manually install by dropping the files in your game's Data folder, then activating the .esp in your launcher. To uninstall this way,
deactivate the .esp and manually delete the mod files.


A big thank you to everyone who contributed their voice acting talents!

Morris voiced by Joshua L. Belmonte
Claudia and Sara voiced by Audrey Jo
Mackley, Leland, and the Researcher voiced by Wyatt Henry
Jess voiced by MacTheRobot
Lacey voiced by Tori Wiegers (Twitter)
Suave voiced by DanteFettman
The Wise Hermit voiced by Alchestbreach
Jack Bronson voiced by CJ Betts
Wilbur voiced by Chandler Hollis
Mystery Man voiced by OldNada
Scribe Wilkins voiced by RedLeader327 (Twitter)