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Makes you able to be addicted/crave various sodas like in the original Fallout games, and adds a few other small tweaks to soda.

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In Fallout, Fallout 2, and Tactics, you could get a condition known as "Nuka-Cola Craving" if you drank enough Nuka-Cola. While this effect actually did nothing besides show up in your inventory, it still led to more role playing possibilities. If you want your character to be addicted to soda, this is the mod for you.

Nuka-Cola Craving: -10 Rad Resist (includes Ice Cold Nuka Cola)
Qtm. Cola Withdrawal: -1 CHR, -15 Rad Resist (This is actually already in the game, but was pretty much impossible to get since only 1 bottle appears in the game, at least until now [see below])
Nuka-Quartz Withdrawal: -1 PER, -15 Rad Resist
Nuka-Vitctory Withdrawal: -10 AP, -15 Rad Resist
Rum & Nuka Withdrawal: -1 AGL, -1 CHR, -15 Rad Resist (basically alcohol withdrawal + Nuka Craving)
Sunset Sars. Craving: -1 CHR (includes Irr. Sunset Sars.)


If you have the Nuka Chemist perk, you can now craft both Nuka-Cola Quantum and Rum & Nuka at any workbench!
Nuka Cola Quantum: 3x Nuka-Cola
Rum & Nuka: 2x Nuka-Cola + 1x Moonshine

This mod will probably be incompatible with other mods that add addictions, as the script for removing addictions needed to be modified here. I have included a version of the file for YUP users to fix this. Mods that edit the Nuka Chemist perk may also be incompatible. If there are other mods that need patches, please let me know!