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Brings thousands of plants back to life in DUST

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The current version of this mod is 1.0.

The problem
DUST, in tune with its lore, does away with allmost all of the plantlife. That's bad for cooking.

This solution
/u/medi0cre0 of the DUST subreddit suggested a bafflingly easy solution (including coming up with its name): Just bring a lot of plants back to life.

That's what this mod does. It brings over 8000 plants in DUST back to life, so they can be picked again for eating or cooking. And they will even regrow. Endless fun.

Have a look at the ingestibles at the Fallout DUST Wikia.

  • Fallout DUST and all of its requirements.

Copy KapDUSTFloraRestora.esp into your Fallout:New Vegas data folder, have it loaded after DUST.

Remove KapDUSTFloraRestora.esp from your Fallout: New Vegas data
folder. This will just kill all the plants again. Shame on you.

  • None known.

Known Issues
  • None known.

Thanks to
  • naugrim04 for creating Fallout: DUST
  • /u/medi0cre0 of the DUST subreddit for the idea and the name
  • The maintainers of the G.E.C.K wiki
  • Bethesda and Obsidian for Fallout: New Vegas and providing the G.E.C.K.