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Introducing, the Elephant Gun, the shotgun counterpart to the anti-materiel rifle. Including a custom mesh, a custom pipboy icon, integrated formlists and leveled lists via a script, and 2 mods.

Permissions and credits
The Elephant Gun started off as an idea. I always wondered what a gun would look like with a sideways double-barrel shotgun barrel. After tacking the comically-large barrel onto the caravan shotgun as just a simple concept, I was struck by inspiration to follow through with the idea. My previously conceived "Makeshift Shotgun" transformed into the Elephant Gun. I then added the grip from the .22 SMG and the brush gun stock saddle, the former of which took a long time to perfect and the ladder of which had messed up textures without the ammo on the side, which led to me adding 12 gauge shells in their place. Finally, I added the sights from the recharger rifle, which led to me deciding to choose to just keep the rear portion, a la various shotguns from Destiny. The sights on the recharger rifle were initially purple, so I changed the texture paths and positions to the double-barrel shotgun.

This weapon acts as the shotgun Romeo to the anti-materiel rifle Juliet. It's a high damage, high spread shotgun found only among elite faction variants and the highest Gun Runner tier. It accepts two vanilla mods, the sniper rifle suppressor and the 9mm pistol scope. The suppressor acts as a monolothic suppressor and the sight (courtesy of MCTammer) adds visual accuracy do to the design of the ironsights.

I have collision this time :)

I do recommend this mod for a better double-barrel shotgun texture for this gun, but this is not required
*DISCLAIMER: WRP screenshots include this mod as well, but no patch is required for either files*

For those who want the ID

Or for those who have JIPLN (which all of you should have)

Future plans:
I have a couple ideas in my mind right now ;)
Maybe some BJBlazkowicz concept art

Big ups to MCTammer for occasional help and for the sights

Please post recommendations and what Vanilla/DLC meshes they can be made up of in the comments
Please comment constructive criticism, just don't be a dick
If you think that any aspect of this mod is not working correctly, post a comment so I can either correct it or clarify something. I am learning