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Hides many dummy and one-off challenges from the DLC so that they don't clutter up your list right from the start of the game. Plus a few tweaks here and there.

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Uncluttered Challenge List

If you care about the game's challenge system at all, you might have noticed the DLC dump a lot of challenges into the pipboy list right after you start a new game. And many of these challenges are simple story landmarks with just one step to completion, which give away story details before you even start the DLC. I suppose Obsidian didn't want anyone to miss the hype...

This mod hides most of these challenges by removing the "Show Zero Progress" flag, so that they don't distract you from consulting the ones that actually matter, i.e. those you can actively pursue at almost any time.
Plus a few tweaks to avoid what I view as exploits:
  • All Things in Modder Nation is no longer recurring, if you use The Weapon Mod Menu (and why wouldn't you anyway) you can change weapon mods back and forth making it for an easy XP exploit, so it's just a one off thing now.
  • The Ghost Eater challenges for killing different kinds of Ghost People are not recurring either, since chances are that after completing DM you won't find more Ghost People to kill and thus they are left hanging in your challenge list. Plus, it's just too much easy XP too.
  • I've removed the annoying (GRA) prefix from all GRA challenges, you can tell them by their asterisks * already!
  • Deathclaw Pro Hunter *** should now  work with Deathclaws found in LR as well.
  • You can use either Throwing Spears or Throwing Knife Spears to cripple Caesar's head for the Even a God King Can Bleed ** challenge.
  • And the Laser Detonator will no longer be a quest item once you disable the last of the warheads in LR (but only if you install this before that point).

And that's it.