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ElPascal and Lord Feesh

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This mod let's you experience 2020's very pleasant and bearable summer in-game!

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Are you a sucker for realism? Have you ever felt that, while Fallout: New Vegas certainly offers a sufficient approximation to a believable simulation of our world, it just lacks *one* minute detail to truly make you feel like the Mojave Wasteland is a real place? Are you drenched in your own sweat, unable to breathe or move as the humid, boiling air cooks you from within, undisturbed by even the most pitiful wind that could offer momentary release, melting upon your seat? Do you live in a house built in a bygone world, without airconditioning or proper blinders? Are you suffering as I am?


Summer 2020 Simulator is a complete, transformative and deeply innovative overhaul of the way Fallout New Vegas' weather system works. Don't bother with your new-fangled Nebraska Skies and Real Estate Winnipeg Lightning, this is the r e a l   d e a l. You won't be able to tell the difference between the game and real life again.


- The world is lava!
- I am a creature of darkness faced by the cruel, cleansing light of God, oh woe, woe unto me!
- Haha, sure is hot today, huh?
- Uncontrollable sobbing that only intensifies as your tears evaporate immediately!

How to use:
- Install just like any other mod
- Move to any area under the sun
- Enjoy the noticeably enhanced experience

- Being a baby who doesn't want realism in games(?!)
- Mentos and Coke
- Actually wanting to play FNV, this mod is a joke and designed to be broken