Fallout New Vegas
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RWL Redesigned is a Weather Mod which is base on original RWL from Sal and Camo. It include scratch made weather bugfix and regional weather. A new FX system and a few more things.

Permissions and credits


Completely reworked version of Realistic Wasteland Lighting, including overhauled weathers, DLC weathers, restored region weathers, overhauled interior lighting, random cloud generation, an MCM menu, and more! All with minimal to no performance hit.

- All 4 official main DLCs (does not require pre-order packs or GRA)
- NVSE (I recommend using the community updated version, xNVSE)
- Original version of RWL is NOT required (thank you Sal203 and Camo for having open permissions)

- Install as you would with any other mod, preferibly using a mod manager (Mod Organizer 2 is highly recommended)
- Make sure the plugin is loaded at the bottom of your load order, no exceptions

Random Cloud Generation:
- In order to have random cloud generation, you must add cloud textures to the mod yourself:
  1. Download mods which have cloud textures you want
  2. Extract the cloud textures to Data/textures/rwl/cloudy and/or Data/textures/rwl/sunny (cloudy folder will make them generate for cloudy weathers, sunny for sunny weathers)
  3. Rename the textures to cloudy (1).dds or sunny (1).dds depending on which folder they're in
  4. Rename all other cloud textures with the same format, but with consecutive numbers such as cloudy (2).dds (texture names must be consecutive numbers to work)
  5. Only Square Texture are supported. Oblivion/Skyrim/Fo3/FNV format are supported. BC6/BC7 arent supported.

- Not Compatible with other weather mods
- Not compatible with TTW, nor will it likely ever be
ENB presets designed for the original RWL will not look as intenteded since the weathers are so different
- Still compatible with ILO since the imagespace changes in this mod are scripted, meaning it will just overwrite ILO's changes

Known Issues:
- Sometimes clouds will be invisible, this is an engine bug and we cannot fix it
- Non-DLC or TTW versions are NOT planned, please do not ask

- Sal203 and TheCamo for all their work on the original RWL, and leaving permissions open
- You may edit this mod and upload it
- Please do not reupload onto other sites or include in any pre-made mod packs
- www.cepolina.com - cloud texture source
- Thanks to carxt which let me use his HH Rain Fix