Fallout New Vegas
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To celebrate the Birthday of Mr. House, 6/25/2020, adds a few vanilla dungeons to fight through when trying to kill Mr. House in the Lucky 38. Packed with Securitrons, dogs, and more. Also adds a little boss fight near the end.

Permissions and credits
To celebrate the Birthday of Mr. House, 6/25/2020, I am finally releasing this mod, after having started work on it for nearly a year ago.

It adds a a few vanilla-ish dungeons standing between you and Mr. House if you decide to betray him. As well as a few custom meshes and some voice lines that can be heard, sometimes, if your standing really close to their source.

Battle Securitrons, dogs, kill boxes, and more to get to a, slightly more difficult then vanilla, boss fight with Mr. House.

Housenstein 3D

Overall it adds a bit more of a challenge when killing Mr. House as opposed to just walk through a few doors.

Recommended Level: At least 10 with mid game weapons.

Technical Stuff:
Adds custom mesh based off of the robot in the Mr. House Portrait.
Adds custom mesh for a securitron dog based off another mod I made
Modifies the vanilla interior of the lucky 38 penthouse specifically the terminal and elevator door leading to the Lucky 38 Control room
Modifies the vanilla interior of the lucky 38 control room specifically the elevator door

Known Issues:
*realMrhouse in control room was playing the wrong animation when you enter the room. i.e. he was out of his pod. could not reproduce
*custom voice lines are really fucking quiet. Creatures are saying the voice lines but they can be barely be heard unless you are really close to the creature. Attempted fixing several times.