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Ever wanted more weapon diversity for the NCR? This mod adds a lore-friendly, lever-action rifle based off the service rifle, complete with lore friendly stats, a custom pipboy icon, integrated formlists, full leveled-list integration, and 2 base-game mods.

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Service Lever-Action Rifle 

A lever-action rifle designed for use with NCR Troopers. It has lore friendly stats, a custom pipboy icon, integrated formlists, full leveled-list integration, and 2 mods: the varmint rifle suppressor and the hunting rifle scope.

I always wanted a lever-action weapon with the sights of the service rifle. This mod came close, but was dated for its time, had broken meshes, and featured no LL integration. I took great inspiration from it. See this as a spiritual successor to that mod.

In terms of creation, the barrel, stock, magazine, and sights all came from the service rifle, while the body came from the trail carbine.

No physical versions are placed in the world, all are integrated into lists via scripts. Vendors have it, and so should NPCs (I added it to all the lists that the service rifle was in).

For those who want to know the id:

For those who don't want to memorize a simple id

Thanks to Tammer for his guide and occasional assistance. Seriously, big ups. 

Future Plans:
Weapons inspired from maybe BJBlazkowics concept art and other weapon mods, modernified
Please give suggestions for weapons to be made using Vanila or DLC Assets

If you think that any aspect of this mod is not working correctly, post a comment so I can either correct it or clarify something. This is my first legitimate mod.