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cbgreely and Unoctium

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Converts Unoctium's T-60 Power Armor mod from an overhauled power armor into normal power armor, with balanced stats. Includes patch for PN visors/overlays. Compatible with Power Armor Scaling, Power Armor Soundified etc.

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This is a simple conversion of Unoctium's T-60 Power Armour to a vanilla-style power armor. In his mod, the T-60 armor has features similar to Fallout 4, making it more like a vehicle than an armor set. While this is very cool, it makes the T-60 armor way flashier than the rest of the game's power armor. This mod remedies that by using the same models and textures as Unoctium (requiring his mod's assets, of course) as a standard set of Power Armor.

Requires the meshes+textures from Unoctium's T-60 Power Armour mod. Do NOT use his .esp with mine.

The armor can be found in Vault 11, in the clinic, on a strangely familiar dead NPC. See images.

You'll find a patch for Project Nevada in the files section, allowing Night Vision and visor overlays from PN to be used with this mod. This patch requries you also use the main file, and can (and should) be merged into a Bashed Patch. Most power armor mods should work with this, such as Power Armor Scaling, Power Armor Soundified etc. as the T-60 uses the same object effect as the T-45 in game (but with different stats).