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Fixes the game only giving you one ammo case when your weapon uses more than one ammo count in a shot, for you and companions.

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Ammo Burst Case Count Fix
(this thing is hard to name right...)

When firing a weapon that uses up more than one ammo item in each shot, the game could only roll to give you one case, if the ammo has it defined.

Plus, only the player can get ammo cases when firing. While by default NPCs don't use up ammo so it makes sense they don't become (even more of) an infinite supply of cases, that's not the case (pun alert!) for your companions when they are using weapons other than their default ones.

Thanks to event handlers, this is very easy to fix. You and any active companions you have will now roll a chance to get an ammo case for every ammo count that the weapon uses up in a shot, provided the ammo being used can drop them of course. Complete with perk calculations so that Hand Loader and Vigilant Recycler affect the chance as expected.

A global setting bVigilantRecycler affects whether your companions benefit from your perks when rolling for ammo cases, enabled by default ('set bVigilantRecycler to 0' to disable that feature).

Do note, the mod acts as if you always have enough ammo to fire a full clip. Which just makes sense, and because I can't really script it other way. Be sure to use lStewieAI's Tweaks with the bClipSizeMatters setting enabled so that the game enforces this requirement.
(You can also use it to disable ammo from giving cases entirely, but then you don't need this mod. This has been a PSA by Captain Obvious, in collaboration with First Mate Duh)