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Makes C-4, certain mines and some types of ammunition able to stick to where they hit. Opens up more possibilities for booby trapping an area and expands some ammo types' versatility.

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Sticky Bombs and Ammo

As JIP LN evolves, things that used to be cumbersome or outright impossible gradually fall into the realm of... weird mods that I make when I'm quarantined.

This mod implements a highly compatible method to make certain projectile types stick to where you place them. No longer will your placed C-4 bricks bounce off the wall and fall lazily to the floor. But that's just for starters.

When firing one of the supported projectile types WHILE ZOOMING IN (that is, the control for aiming your weapon or blocking must be pressed), the projectile will stick to the point it makes first contact with and remain stuck there, PROVIDED what it first hits is not a moveable object. That means actual statics or the cold hard floor, no actors and nothing that you can move or bump around.

Weapons and ammo will gain this feature when included in the provided migStickyLIST form list. Weapons included in that form list may also gain a dummy effect to indicate this new capability when viewing them in the pipboy (only if they had no other effects).
By default the feature is given to the following:
  • C-4 (duh)
  • Powder Charge
  • Time Bomb
  • Gas Bomb (DM)
  • Satchel Charge (LR)
  • MFC Grenade (GRA)
  • MFC Cluster (GRA)
  • Time Bomb, High Yield (GRA)
  • Fat Mine (GRA)
  • 25mm Grenade, Timed (GRA)
  • Mini Nuke, Timed (GRA)

That's right, this mod supports projectiles from ammo types as well, not just hand placed explosives. You can fire the supported ammo types while aiming and they will stick to where they hit instead of bouncing around.

Compatibility is pretty much guaranteed since no base game records are actually changed. The magic is done by moving and holding the projectile itself in the game world. So you can pick it up as normally, and they will work with any changes to them by other mods.

In order to expand on this, remember to include the weapons or ammo you want to have this feature into the migStickyLIST form list. It also supports adding projectile records directly, in case you want even more filtering.

And that's it, everybody out.