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Sorts your perks by categories in the Pipboy interface: regular perks, traits, feats, and challenges. So you can have an easier time navigating what your character can do.

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A small and simple mod to sort your perks in their Pipboy stats viewer tab.

Three header perks are added to your character to create four distinct categories:
- Regular perks that you take at level up
- Any traits you picked up
- "Feats" as in most of the unplayable perks you gain in your adventures.
- And perks from challenges that you complete, which have characteristic icons.

To achieve the sorting, all non-playable perks in the game are renamed at game startup to add an invisible prefix (~) so that they can fall under their corresponding header when the game sorts them alphabetically.

If you'd rather a perk not be renamed/sorted as such, you can put it in the provided migPerkSorterEXCLUDE form list, I'll let you figure out that part.

The header perks' icons are a bit atrocious, but my excuse is that I can't draw ("have you tried practicing?" "right like it's that easy...")

And that's it really. Sorry for not releasing this 3 years ago.