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About this mod

Stronger Mutants, harder Raiders and Better Power Armors are some of the things you now face on the Wasteland. Is a multi-author collection of assets to make TTW feel more complete.

Permissions and credits
version 1.2.0 released, multiple meshes fixes / small armors redesigns.

What's the mod about?

Port of multi-author assets collection to make TTW feel more complete, improving Super Mutants, Raiders, Regulator, Talons, Power Armors and in a lesser way, the Wastelander NPCs.

Super Mutants

All Super Muntants will have some HP increase. There is a new full Mutant tier called Recruit and 1 new variation per existing tier. More weapons available for them, for the sake of diversity, 2 Unique Overlords added and last, 100% texture compatibility is ensured.

4 of the Pitt armor are mixed with the DC ones. 1 new helmet type per armor type and head/mouth bandanas added to increase even more the diversity. A new texture for the Hockey Mask (Ledoux's hockey mask remain intact) and buch of additional small guns available. After you increase some level, you will start facing Raiders equiped with their own unique Combat and Metal Armors.

Power Armors
All Power Armors start with more DT, better Rad resistance (+10) and +1 Strength over base stats (Agility penalties remain). Unique set for gloves for each type (except for one of them).Tribal and Wasted Power Helments. Finally, Close-to-vanilla Feminized Power Armors versions. Additional to this, new custom icons.

Regulators are now fully small gun oriented (Energy Weapons removed). They now may appear with Sheriff Hat, Slouch Hat or a brand new custom Regulator Mask. For following the TTW tier implementation, 2 fully unique Dusters added.


They now may appear with an retexture Combat Helmet or the brand new Talon Mask. Also, an unique  Combat Armors set, Mark I and Mark II (including their helmets) Helmets for a more impresive High Talons. Some additional weapons added to the roster to spice them up.

Others NPCs
Sleeved version of the combat armors added. An Aviator Cap, included to explain the existance of the Raider version and an unique mesh for Oasis Exile Hood. New leather armor variant, exotic backup weapon and more life added to Cannibals. In other things, Railly's Rangers Male armor texture color fixed, new glove to the Rivet City Uniform and Pipboy glove removed (except on Armored 101/21 Jumpsuits) for the sake of armors look. As for the Mercs, a new armor added and at last, unique US Combat Armor Helmet. Aside this, alternative googles and security Helmet added for diversity.

Added/Redesigned Items
  • Talon Mask | xx0010A9
  • Regulator Mask | xx0010BE
  • Raider Gas Mask | xx0010CE
  • Aviator Cap | xx0010D1
  • Raider Mohawk Helmet | xx0010E5
  • Raider Heavy Metal Helmet | xx0010E6
  • Raider Warlord Helmet | xx0010E7
  • Mouth Bandana | xx0010EC
  • Blood Bandana | xx0010ED
  • Oasis Exile Hood | 060C942D
  • Talon Combat Helmet | 06B0278
  • Full Combat Armor | xx0010CA
  • Full Talon Combat Armor | xx0010F2
  • Full Tenpenny Security Uniform | xx0010F7
  • Full Rivet Security Uniform | xx0010F6
  • Full Ranger Battle Armor | xx0010F0
  • Strange Leather Armor | xx0010FC
  • Slouch Hat | xx001100
  • NCR Salvaged Power Helmet | 0013316A
  • Tribal T-45d Power Helmet | xx001105
  • Ashur's Power Helmet | xx001106
  • Tribal T-51b Power Helmet | xx001107
  • Wasted Outcast Power Helmet | xx001108
  • Regulator Reinforced Duster | xx00112C
  • Regulator Armored Duster | xx00112D
  • Raider Warrior Armor | xx001132
  • Raider Black Metal Helmet | xx001135
  • Raider Metalhead Armor | xx001137
  • NCR Intact Power Helmet | xx001140
  • Talon Combat Armor Mk I | xx00CD27
  • Talon Combat Armor Mk II | xx00CD28
  • Talon Combat Helmet Mk I | xx007F35
  • Talon Combat Helmet Mk II | xx007F36
  • Merc Survivalist Outfit | xx001156
  • US Army Combat Helmet | xx001157
  • US Army Full Combat Armor | xx001162
  • Full Black Combat Armor | xx001161
  • Relaxed Biker Googles | xx001167
  • Loose Security Helmet | xx001168
  • Rivet City Loose Security Helmet | xx001169

How to install it?

To install just add the .esp and .bsa files into the /data folder and enable. Do a couple of reloads (i.e. sleep on player's home for 3-4 days or in a close building) to enable full changes on the saved games. Uninstall any previous version of this mod.
Note: Always keep a clean savegame, in case you what to do a rollback.
If the new version name doesn`t match with your current version just rename the files to the ones you have (if you want to keep your inventory items).

Any compatibility patches?

Followed Design Philosophy?
Ensure TTW compatibility, as much as possible. Always, trying to achive as much in-game integration, as possible (i.e. keep the
same icon style) . Any recommendation/contribution are always welcome. Resources distributed in .bsa file for a lore-friendly installation

Want to contribute

For sure. Consider them pre-approved; if new content is need, make sure you have additional permissions on your side.
  - Compatibility patches: content is on .bsa files, it will be a matter of overwriting, most of the time. 
  - Body mods: Most of the armors are built with vanilla meshes, there should be already many equivalent parts.
  - Textures mods: Reused vanilla textures will already have alternative textures, but the new content will need rework
  - Expanding / Side-Quests: Mod was think as a framework, for other modders to reuse the content.
  - Images / Videos: Upload is unlocked, fill free to add them.

Any credits for this mod?
(Always special thanks to everyone)

  Core Content
  - Mutant Animation by Talkie Toaster, 2-hands animations were included on this mod to get the tri-beam laser Rifle working.
  - New T-51b Icons FO3 by Captain-Ultima, icons created by him.
  - Creature Resources and Mods by CIB, that enable tu create Super Mutant Captain and one of the Super Mutant Recruits.
  - BetterHockeymask by wirkoennten, for the hockey Mask replacement. 
  - Hockey Mask - Retex by Aogara,  for the textures that allow to create the talon mask.
  - Fear the Regulators and Raider Nightmares by AmaccurzerO, Regulators mask/Raider Nightmares (permission granted).
  - Sleeved Wasteland Combat Armor by GhettoPoptart, darkmyth78, LethalThreat, Combat Armor sleeve (permission granted)
  - Combat Armor with sleeves by ThaHuntah, other part of the Combat Armor sleeves and Male Rangers texture fix.
  - Alternate combat armor with sleeves by dasbadman
  - Feminized Power Armor by jkruse05, using all the meshes (merged with this NV version).
  - FOOK by FOOK team, for all their additonal helment assets (permission granted).
  - Aviator Cap by Syntrak.

  - Slouch Hat by DaBrains.
  - Tribal and Ashurs Power Helmet by Robindagoth/BlueToxi.
  - NCR Salvaged Power Helmet by Stygs (permission granted)
  - T-51B Power Armor Template by StantonCree.
  - Tribal Power Helmet - Definitive Edition by MonoAccipiter (mesh part)
  - Tribal T51b Helmet by SpeedyB/SplitSoul.
- Power Armor Gloves by Lexx

  - Tammer's NIF-Bashed Armor and Clothing Pack by 
user826 (some armor parts)
  - Tailor Maid - NV by
pintocat (1 of the dusters)
  - Raider Combat Armors by IranContra (combat armor)
  - Rusty Metal Armor 1-1 by vampirecosmonaut  (permission granted)
  - TGs Armor Collection for New Vegas by TG
Wasteland Journeyman Armor by Zeus_II (permission granted)
  - NIGHTMARE FIENDS - A Junkie Overhaul by YanL
- Supermutant Upgrades - Bulk pack by lordinquisitor (nose ring asset adapted, permission process done)
  - Classic Combat Armor Mk II by YanL / xzax  (some of the assets)

  - Wasteland Warfighter - A Mojave Mercenary's Armory
by jtucker40 (helmet assets)
  - Female US Army Combat Armor by BayK / SGTbayk47 (fully merged)
  - Biker Goggles On Your Head by Firoas
  - Drags Ten Armor Pack by dragbody 
(Security Helmet)
  - Vault Security Helmet - NoVisor by da mage
  - Aogara's mask game icon by Jeso Bautist, (my Brother). 
  - Additional QA by sieboldii2, provided feedback and testing multiple times Fallout 3 mod version.
  - Mod migrated to New Vegas and QA by Bloxyman (this mod is possible because of all his effort, thanks man!)
  - Integration/Tweaking/Other Assets by Alo Bautist (Mutant meshes remix, CA Talon sleeve, PA gloves, Missing icons, missing/patched textures, Armors remixes) 
  Ideas / Inspiration
(not a full replacement for them, similar functionality)
  - Better Power Armor by Dopp
  - Better Power Armor DLC by Darth Nathan
  - Super Mutants Tweaked by AgentHaito
  - Super Mutant Recruits by Mark Meilak
- Pitt Raider Armor Distributed by Fourkillmaster
Echo_UseYourGlovesby Echonite
  - More Combat Raider Armors by  Wikinger_germ
  - Mods used/reviewed.

Implicit Credits
  - Tales of Two Wastelands team
  - Nexus mods team
  - Bethesda
  - Obsidian

Development Tools
 - NVEdit
 - NIFSkope
 - Fallout Mod Manager
- Optimizer Textures (Ordenador)

0.9.x   Bug fixes / balancing
1.0.x   More TTW intregration (unique High Talon/Regulator/Raider armors)
1.1.x   More NV exclusive assets,  mod compatibility

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