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Natural Landscapes is a mod aimed at bringing high quality and realistic textures to the landscapes of Fallout New Vegas.

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Natural Landscapes is a mod aimed at bringing high quality and realistic textures to the landscapes of Fallout New VegasThe last Landscapes mod you'll ever need.

Natural Landscapes, the most natural and realistic landscape texture pack for Fallout 4 makes it's way to a Fallout New Vegas. Natural Landscapes offers high quality, realistic textures that makes sense both for the post nuclear setting of Fallout, and for the region in which the game takes place. Natural Landscapes aims to stay true to the base game where it can, and expand on textures that didn't have much detail to begin with. For example, cracked mud will be just that - cracked mud, however something like the blurry mess that was the wasteland muck is now a trash ridden heap of mud. This mod is offered in two quality presets, Ultra and Standard. Ultra being 100% 4K, and Standard being mostly 2K with a few 4K textures where needed. The mod also comes offers an optional and recommended terrain LOD file, which will edit the distant terrain landscapes for all world-spaces including DLC! Last but not least, the mod is pre-patched for resources like Much Needed LOD and Zilav's LODgen. Please Note: Multiple other mods are seen in the screenshots such as Nevada ENB and Realistic Wasteland Lighting. Visuals may slightly vary depending on your personal graphical setup.

After choosing your package, simply drag and drop your files into your data folder, and overwrite any existing files. You WILL need to enabled archive-invalidation for this to, of which there are many guides on how to accomplish online.

The links below are the resources I used to make the textures. If it weren't for these resources, I would have never been able to make this mod. Some of these textures are used in their original forms, but many are adjusted to fit in better with the world of Fallout 4, and to better match their vanilla counterparts.

ArtStation: Steve Holt

CC0 Textures

Quixel Megascans
Texture Haven