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Snuffles has a big slash wound and gets a medical dressing when you fix him up + compatibility with The Molerat Extravaganza.

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I loved the fact that Snuffles has a big old wound in Dracomies' New Vegas Redesigned, however it seemed a bit weird how he still has the same wound despite getting patched up by the courier. Plus it looks out of place when using ToxicGuy's HD molerat retexture for other regular molerats.

So here's my take on the matter:

Firstly, it seemed cool to give Snuffles a slash wound - maybe he got jumped by a baby deathclaw?
Secondly, I made some horrible code to switch Snuffle's creature model to one with a medical dressing once you finish his unmarked quest.
Also, I've included a corrected 2048x2048 diffuse for regular molerats as the one included in ´╗┐The Molerat Extravaganza is 2044x2044. (Dunno if it was really an issue but nifskope didn't seem very happy about it.)

Requires NVSE + JIP and The Molerat Extravaganza.

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to improve my approach / spaghetti code.

Credits to Dracomies for the idea of giving Snuffles a leg wound in the first place, and ToxicGuy for his awesome Molerat textures.