Fallout New Vegas
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Improves the fire rate of most of the game's semi-automatic weapons. Includes a patch for Project Nevada's Equipment module. Now with TTW Support!

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I've always thought the semi-auto fire rates in New Vegas were a little janky. Often it feels like inputs are dropped because of how slow many of the guns fire, and it feels weird having a 9mm pistol not shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. This mod attempts to make that less of an issue, by raising the fire rate on many semi-automatic weapons. Not every weapon fires as fast as you can pull the trigger, as I took care not to disrupt the balance of the game (it would be odd if the .44 magnum shot as fast as the Marksman Carbine, for example). This mod could potentially be seen as unbalanced, however, since enemies also are able to utilize these new fire rates, the game shouldn't become significantly easier (or harder) with this mod installed. Requires all main DLC (incuding GRA). TTW, Project Nevada, YUP, and IMPACT versions available.

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