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KaptainCnucklz and SubrosaFlorens

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Personal tweaks, additions, and minor YUP fixes made for Simplified Ammo Crafting.

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Plugin I made to add some changes to Simplified Ammo Crafting. Requires Yukichigai Unofficial Patch.

  • Made any overlooked ammo types' "Consumed Ammo" be set to shellcasings.
  • Standardized the values powder jars (5), primer boxes (7), and shellcasing boxes (7) for price consistency.
  • Can craft GRA's optimized energy ammo from fission batteries, assuming you have Vigilant Recycler + enough Science skill.
  • Can craft primer, power, and shellcasings from lead, assuming you have Hand Loader + enough Repair skill.
  • Carried over some of YUP's fixes to ammo (not the weightless edits).
  • Carried over a YUP grammar fix in a Powder Ganger dialogue.

Compatible with all of my patches from Simplified Ammo Crafting - Assorted Patches (when you load them under this).


Manual: Extract to the data folder, then activate the plugin.
Mod Manager: Install and enable the mod, then activate the plugin.
Uninstall: Unequip any gun using 12 gauge or 5mm ammo as a precaution. Delete the plugin and/or deactivate it in your mod manager.

Load the plugin below YUP and SAC in your load order. Load it above anything from my Assorted Patches page.


Here's some mods I'd recommend, aside from the above mentioned mods. My favorite sanity savers and bug fixes.