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Hold the presses! You’re not going to believe this… This is a cheat mod.
Intended as a quick start for returning hardcore survival mode players

Permissions and credits
I made this mod for returning hardcore survival mode players. It is intended to be a do it yourself balancing kit to fill in the
gaps in vanilla chargen. This way you can always make your character match your back story. This mod will allow you to buff any secondary skills to primary skill levels. (12 points)

Basically, a primary skill will end up around 30, and a secondary skill will end up around 18 depending on your choices at the “Vigor
tester”. I include 4 skill books of every skill. So, if you choose Survival, Science and Repair, you can still add 12 points to guns and sneak so you can be that savvy gun slinger you envisioned.

We’re all big boys and girls here, and no one is forcing you to use these books. Leave them, sell them, or use them. I’m not your keeper but I also don’t want to ruin your game. There are 2 of each magazine as well, so if you are more into laser pistols and explosives we still have you covered. All the choices are yours.
The mod also provides a good hat, an armored duster, and a backpack with +75 carry weight to get you through the early game. To finish off the starting package you get a hunting rifle with scope, a combat knife, a weeks’ worth of rations and water, 100 of each type of ammo, for the rifle, and reloading supplies to refill those and make more. I included reloading supplies for the 10mm, and the 20 gauge as well seeing as they come with the DLCs. Round it out with a few doctor’s bags, repair kits, antivenom RadX, Radaway and cat’s eye and that is basically the whole mod.

I do believe in keeping to the lore where possible, so I’ll leave it to you to actually find everything. Don’t worry it’s all in Good
Springs and you can’t miss it. That shady city slicker was trying to cover his tracks.

The backpack is a single item modified from Blackwolf’s Backpacks by vf501. All credit goes to him for the port to New Vegas. His mod,
and by extension this mod, are based on the original FO3 models by Balian and mod format by Bunsaki. Both have open permissions, and my sincere thanks. This mod will also carry forward the open permissions but other than the pack, all assets are in fact vanilla. If you want the vendor lists and additional textures available in Vf501’s port, you will need to install the full mod, and please endorse if you like it. I provide only a single mesh and texture. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/35034 

Installation and uninstallation are with the manager of your choice, and position in the load order should not matter. If you’ve
installed mods that change Goodsprings you may need to place this below them in the load order. This mod is script free and as such should be safe to uninstall at any time, but that is never something I would recommend. 

If you’re new to modding New Vegas, you’ll also want to enable Archive Invalidation either using your manager, or through one of the
stand-alone mods. Through the manager would be preferred. https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/35935 

Fallout New Vegas is (C) Bethesda Softworks and ZenimaxMedia
This mod is a derivative work from Bunsaki and Balian'smods
Open permissions continue as they had them set in FO3, and Vf501 carried forward in his port.

I created no assets for this mod.