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Patches to make ammo recipes consume generic materials from SAC. Covers Ammo Effects, Mojave Arsenal, and Tammer's WMP.

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Simplified Ammo Crafting is one of the very few ammo craft overhaul mods on Nexus that actually covers DLC support. Introduces universal shared "shellcasings," and streamlines the headache inducing early game before you're swimming in casings. These patches make necessary mod-added recipes call for SAC's generic shellcasings, primers, and powders.

Patches are available for the following mods:

If you're looking for a YUP patch, I made a mod called Simplified Ammo Crafting - Addendum. It doubles as one.

Few quick notes. These patches are provided as is. This is not, nor will it ever be, an expansion or continuation of the original mod(s). These plugins are for conflict resolution, nothing more and nothing less. I only intended them for personal use and figured I'd share. I'm doing this out of generosity, however I am not going to be your dedicated mod patching monkey. I may add more patches, I may not. Finally, do not hound me over bugs in the original mod, if you find any.
Thank you for understanding. :)


Mod Manager: Download in your mod manager and activate the plugin.
Manual: Drop into your data folder and activate the plugin.

Safe to install or uninstall at anytime.

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Here's some mods I'd recommend, aside from the above mentioned mods. My favorite sanity savers and bug fixes.