Fallout New Vegas
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Simple mod with a small quest to create a functioning Ammo Press, much like the one seen in The Pitt DLC for FO3.

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The brief overview above explains the mod well enough, you get the hint.

To begin the quest simply enter New Vegas Steel. The Ammo Press is actually already in the game at this location, I just hooked it up to work.

The mod is intended for players who either don't like the complexity of ammo crafting in the base game, or for those who lack the Repair Skill in order to reproduce ammunition themselves. 

It 's likely pretty unbalanced in its current state for some, but i'm yet to alter anything as i haven't play tested it enough to determine the best rates for ammunition. Feel free to leave some feedback regarding the rates/requirements for the crafting if you think they should be changed. 
If there are any issues do let me know and i'll take a look.

Note: The screenshot shows that it requires caps as an ingredient, but that's just a UI problem on my end. If the requirement is there for you, just ignore it.
I chose to not include specialty ammo from the GRA DLC as they came up with it themselves so it's unique to them. 
Credits go to Puppettron for setting up the scripts/scenario and people at the TTW Discord for giving me a hand.