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Patches Asterra's Implant GRX Recycler to preserve script changes from Unofficial Patch NVSE.

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What it Does

Patches Asterra's Implant GRX Recycler v1.2 to preserve script changes from Unofficial Patch NVSE v1.2.14.

The Problem

Unofficial Patch NVSE deletes sections of an Old World Blues script (NVDLC03GenericPerkQuestSCRIPT) and implements it's own solution in its place.
(Sections were for the effects of Implant Y-7 and Heartless / Cardiac Arrest.)

Implant GRX Recycler also makes changes to that script to improve upon Implant GRX.
Due to this conflict, the removed sections are reintroduced, leaving the original solution in place alongside Unofficial Patch NVSE's re-implementation.

The Fix

The aforementioned sections were removed from Implant GRX Recycler's script, preserving all changes from both mods.


I highly recommend using the Vortex mod manager.
Just enable the mod, deploy, and hit Sort Now on the Plugins page.
For manual installation, drop in the Data folder and load after both Unofficial Patch NVSE and Implant GRX Recycler.


This mod only edits the record for NVDLC03GenericPerkQuestSCRIPT.
It should only conflict with mods that edit the same script for Old World Blues perks/implants.
Compatible with YUP v11.9, as its script changes are superseded by these mods.