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Provides a complete program with guaranteed results to have a more impressive one and that people stop making fun of you!

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Hey there! You! Yes, YOU!
You like your... thing, don't you ? Come on, don't be shy, you know what I'm talking about. Yes that's it. So you like your thing. But it's not very... impressive, is it? Let's face it: no one notices it.
Worse: I'm pretty sure people who see it are giggling. Do not say otherwise: you would only lie to yourself. How do I know? Because it's my job. I know many things. But your embarrassment is already a thing from the past. With the magic formula of your favorite marabout (it's me, do you get it?), YOU will now be able to proudly show it off to everyone's eyes. You will be able to walk around quietly without hiding it, every time you do dozens of people will turn to look at you. To watch it. Because we cannot ignore it. And you can delight with their envious looks. They will want to admire it, touch it, caress it, approach their faces closer, maybe smell it and taste it. You are no longer the unnoticed one. You are the Alpha, and all these rats which despised you will crawl at your feet so that you reveal your secret to them. Because everyone will want one like yours.

Be nice, give them my business card.
Because I need money.
Everyone should be entitled to the famous program from Doctor Dig Bick! Results guaranteed in a few days! Not
too expensive ! Display all your power without further delay!