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Replaces the Frag Grenade with a high quality model and new 4K textures.

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The Mk 2 grenade (sometimes written Mk II) is a fragmentation type anti-personnel hand grenade introduced by the U.S. armed forces in 1918. It was the standard issue anti-personnel grenade used during World War II and in later conflicts, including the Vietnam War. Replacing the failed Mk I of 1917, it was standardized in 1920 as the Mk II, and redesignated the Mk 2 in 1945.

This Mod Replaces the Frag-Grenade with a high quality model and 4K Diffuse and Normal Textures.

v1.0 Initial Release
v1.1 Added an ESP to fix the Pin and fixed the normal/specular map
v1.2 New Grenade-Trap and cleaned some stuff

Installation & Compatibility
Drag and Drop to your Data Folder or install with a mod manager.

"Probably" compatible with EVE.

Known Bugs & Future Plans
The Pin doesnt move correctly with the fingers.
Gotta change the animation for it sometime or maybe someone can help me with that.

Programs Used
3DS Max 2018
Nifskope 2.0 Dev 7
Photoshop 2020

Nikolas Kaltsogiannis - Model and Textures
Asurah - Lots of Help with Nifskope
GhostDragon72 - for Fixing the specular/normal map
"Everything else" by me