Fallout New Vegas
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Adds 7 Voiced Vendors to meet throughout the Mojave Wasteland. (Also contains some of my pervious mods)

Permissions and credits
Adds 7 Voiced Vendors (4 new npcs and 3 npcs from past mods)to meet throughout the Mojave Wasteland. I also added so more caches for you to find. This mod also contains some of my old mods that are: Boulder City Train Station Player Home-Base, Change Traits Mod, Mysterious Caches Mod, Sloan Stop Over Station, Survival Supplier. I recommend that you disable or delete any of these mods from your load order if you use this mod. Please comment any ideas or bugs you’ve found/have for this mod. Thank you for your Support!
Dead Money.
Honest Hearts.
Lonesome Road.
Old World Blues.
Gun Runners' Arsenal

Voice actors for this mod:

Braeden: Or3othug13- Twitter.com/TJ2030
Gaius: LuckyOwl23 
Kurt: Ethan Rudd   
Lorian: phantomrunaway/Natalie M   
Sid: ElPascal                                        
Tommy Barber: Quinch- Casting Call Club: https://www.castingcall.club/m/Quinch     
York: Johnnyboi- Twitter: @JohnTheSpaceNinja

The Ouachita Wasteland Infomation:
Right now I'm apart of a small mod team working on a big mod project and right now we need all the support can get. You can download and play the concept mods, all in one place at The Ouachita Wasteland. Eventually we will merge the concept files into one big concept mod. I encourage to you to check the full mod page out if your interested or want to help out or send an email to [email protected].