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The undefeated Legion Decanus Gaius has rallied the might of his most senior Legionaries and brought them to bear on the Southern Mojave. Caesar himself has instructed that a victory must be won at any cost. But the NCR will not go quietly. Their most trusted commander has been dispatched to put an end to this Legion incursion once and for all.

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Battle For The South

The undefeated senior Decanus Gaius, Conqueror of the Legion's enemies, has brought the fire and fury of his Veteran Legionaries from
the East to bear on the Southern Mojave with only one mission. Win at all costs. Caesar himself has demanded success and the Legion does not intend to disappoint.

But a great opponent rises from the West. The NCR's finest commander of its most elite task force, Colonel Deckard. An officer who knows not the
meaning of defeat and has been given one simple task. Destroy the Legion.

These two titans face off on the battlefield to decide the fate of the Mojave. Only the courier can change what is to come and shape the fate of everyone caught in the crossfire. For better or worse.

With forty major marked quests and yet more unmarked, multiple companions, and an entirely fresh story within the Mojave, shape
hundreds of lives in a quest mod which offers huge player choice and freedom both in the main campaign and side quests.
Integrated into the lore and stuffed with thousands of lines of dialogue, explore the Mojave in a way you never have before. Forge new
friendships and make new enemies, make and break alliances, liberate the Mojave or put it to the sword. 

Lead the Legion to victory as a trusted auxillium, or infiltrate their ranks as an NCR agent and rot them from within.

Use new weapons, equipment and 25 extra perks to your benefit.

Forge a victory with ideas or with blood.

This mod adds an entirely new mini-campaign in the South of the Mojave focused around Searchlight and a battle between the NCR and the Legion to control the Southern Region. It also adds new locations, factions, and companions. 

This mod provides about eight hours of content, I've been working on it for slightly over a year and am proud to finally release it. I have tried to offer players as much choice as I could feasibly design, as well as more than a few combat segments, and I hope you'll have as much fun playing it as I did designing it. 

This has been play tested multiple times and beta tested by a couple of friends of mine so there should be  minimal issues. Of course, if you do manage to break it let me know and I'll fix it. 



Q - How do I find the evidence regarding Carter?
A - It is on her terminal in the prospectors shack at the compound

Q - How do I join the NCR side?
A - This has been amended in V.1.2 - you can join them either by playing through Act 1 or speaking to Sgt Mack at the Mojave Outpost Headquarters

Change Log;

v.1.1 - fixed a bug and optimised some dialogue
v.1.2 - Added a way to start the mod as an NCR supporter, and some options based on that.
v.1.3 - Bug fixes (a bug with Sgt Astor, added a backup script to the weapons deal)