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Fresh models and textures, made from ground-up.

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- This mod adds custom made Shadowstrike Katana to the Fallout: New Vegas!

- It can be modded with three attachments: Saya(Scabbard), Golden Tsuba(Guard) and with Restored Parts. Making your Katana shiny and fresh!

- You can choose to install Stand-Alone version, or replacer version.

- Pick only one of the "Main Files" and install it. (Choose Stand-Alone or Replacer version)

- (Optional) If you want to save up on memory and go light, there is optional downgraded file. First download and install one of main files, then install this optional file after.

- I highly recommend Pelinor's Weapon Mod Menu so you can attach and detach weapon mods whenever you like!

- If you install Stand-Alone version, you'll have to hit level 13 to spawn Katana on Caesar's table in his tent. Quest starts and points you where it is located. Once you pick it up, you'll get all of the attachments for it. Stand-Alone version requires only base game installed!

- If you install Replacer version. All of the Gun Runner's Arsenal DLC Katanas will be replaced with mine Katana, along with attachments. This version requires base game with Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC to work!
Make sure to have Archive Invalidation enabled, otherwise you'll end up with vanilla GRA Katanas!

- Scabbard sometimes stays equipped when you change to another weapon. Same bug as on Vanilla Katana.

- When you drop katana from your Pip-Boy, you drop scabbard and katana on ground. Same bug as on Vanilla Katana.