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Small changes to Robo-scorpions from the Old World Blues DLC to make them less bullet-spongy.

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The robo-scorpions from Old World Blues are incredibly annoying, I think everyone can agree with that statement. My biggest issue with them is the fact that they are walking bullet sponges, so I decided to make them easier to kill by lowering their HP and attack damage. Note that I changed only basic Robo-scorpions, the X-42 giant robo-scorpion remains unchanged. Anyway, I made two versions of this mod, the "Bring it on" and "Leave me alone". Choose one of those versions and after downloading it just drop the content of the archive to your data folder. 

Bring it on (version 1)
 - lowered HP and damage of all Robo-scorpions (except for the giant robo-scorpion) by roughly 1/3 of the original value (exact values can be found in a text file included in the .rar)

Leave me alone (version 2)
 - greatly lowered HP and damage of all Robo-scorpions (except for the giant robo-scorpion), making them incredibly easy to kill (exact values can be found in a text file included in the .rar) 
 - lowered all of their SPECIAL stats to 1

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