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spockthewok and Yukichigai

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Updates Yukichigai's original mod to include weapons added by New Vegas' DLC.

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Repair Bladed Weapons with Whet Stone (With DLC Support)

Original mod description:

All I have done is included the repair Form Lists added by New Vegas' DLC to the original script so every bladed weapon in the game is now covered.
The only exceptions to this are:

  • Rippers
  • Chainsaws
  • Proton Axes
  • Throwing weapons


Every New Vegas DLC (Dead Money -> Courier's Stash)
YUP (not required but recommended, otherwise the Blade of the West will not be able to repaired by whet stones as it was originally set to be repaired by Rebar Clubs)


This mod should be compatible with pretty much anything as long as they don't edit these Form Lists:

JSawyer Ultimate claims to already have Yukichigai's original mod merged into it (although I'm unsure whether it's an updated version), so there
will most likely be some conflict

I'm not sure whether modded weapons will be repairable with whet stones as I personally don't use any. Seeing as some of the DLC weapons fell under vanilla repair Form Lists but still weren't able to be repaired using whet stones in the original mod, I have the suspicion it will be the same situation. Please let me know in the comments though. If a modded weapon has a custom repair Form List it definitely will not be covered, you will need to open up the G.E.C.K and add its repair Form List to the WhetStoneListUpdateSCRIPT script.


Yukichigai - for creating the original mod