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Endurance based health Regen based on the health of your limbs.

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Update 1.1

Fixed how player health percentage worked, now it works with Life Giver - Thanks Void!

Rebalanced how the mod works, regen and loss are now slower, from 1% of your health to just 1 point. I also made it where the player doesn't have a buffer anymore, so every point of Limb Health matters now.

Been playing Monster Hunter lately and I loved how they handled health, whereas you take damage you would slowly recover a little bit up to a certain point, to force the player to use healing items at one point, so I decided to make a mod that does that.

Basically you have a cap based on your total limb health.

The speed at which you regen is based on your Endurance, from 1 health per second at 10 END, to 1 health every 10 seconds at 1 END.

I also added a Hardcore feature where your health drains slowly if your health is over the cap, where it drains slower based on your Endurance, up to 1 Health lost per 10 seconds, you will also bleed to death if all of your limbs are broken.

Will work with any mod, Frontier, TTW, NC.

Known flaws: the Regen and the Drain do not work while you wait and sleep, you won't really notice this unless you play on hardcore mode, choose not to as to not make the game too easy or get the player killed while waiting, it also doesn't keep track of bonus health, like Chems or other temporary effects, so you may not regen all of your health even with max limb health.