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A high resolution retexture of all the snowglobes in New Vegas. Even DLC snowglobes!

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A high resolution retexture for all the snowglobes in New Vegas, including DLC. 

This took a lot longer than I thought it would when I first started... 

I figured it would be a quick upscale and simple graphical tweak here and there to make these look alright when I first thought of doing this. But upon further inspection of the textures I knew what had to be done. From far away the vanilla snow globes look fine. A bit pixelated and the normal map is a bit cloudy looking but otherwise the art inside them looks ok. When you look super close you can see just how rushed they were. It's even worse with the DLC's. Sloppy lines, areas that where either not colored in or colors running over lines where they shouldn't. It was a mess. 

My OCD brain couldn't take it.

It took 3 days straight of redoing and cleaning up most of the linework along with other enhancements that would have taken me a fraction of the time to do, but now I feel the snowglobes have been shown the attention they deserved. 

There is a file with all of the snowglobes and there is an optional file if you for some reason don't have the DLCs installed. Take your pick.

I'm gonna sleep now, hope you like it...

Install Instructions:
Unzip and throw into your data folder, simple as that. 

Or, if you're a trinket collecting, wreckage scavenging, sightseeing kind of guy (or girl) than you can just download with manager and that'll probably be much more straightforward. 


It would probably help to have Fallout New Vegas installed or else the mod won't work. But something tells me you know that already. :P
The DLCs would also be smart to have if you're looking forward to those showing up. 

AgeofEvolution (Me): I did it...
Obsidian: Who originally did it, in around 18 months no less. The crazy bastards.