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This project will take the players to the Wasteland of the former state of Arkansas. With new factions and new faces.

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About The Ouachita Wasteland:
The Courier finds themself in The Ouachita Wasteland to see a whole new location. Player's will already be familiar with 2 of the factions in the Ouachita wastes:

The Brotherhood of Steel:
7 years ago, the Brotherhood in California sent out a detachment to The Ouachita Wasteland to preserve and protect technology. But, shortly after their arrival, their mission changed. The Ouachita chapter of The Brotherhood of Steel dedicated themselves to aid the locals, while still preserving technology by occupying the Little Rock Air Force Base. 

The Children of Atom:
A new group of of Children of Atom is residing in Hot Springs. The Old Springs became irradiated over the years since the war.

There are many factions residing in the Wastes of Ouachita. Here are two of the major factions in old Arkansas.

The New Little Rock Militia:
Started 30 years ago by Jack Delthorn, they kicked a savage tribe out of the ruins of Little Rock. Now, Jack Delthorn presides over Congress in the old Capitol building, trying to piece together a new democracy.

The New Ouachita Tribe:
A group of tribals that have cultivated the Ouachita Wasteland for over a hundred years.

Other Concepts/Lore:

Blackbelt Companion:
Outside of Novac you'll find Blackbelt, an ex-tribal from a now dead tribe in Arkansas. This version of the companion would be if he traveled to the Mojave after the main events of The Ouachita Wasteland Mod. Note this companion isn't voice acted in this concept mod however he'll likey be voiced in the full mod.

Right now, you can download and play the concept mods, all in one place! eventually we will merge the concept files into one big concept mod. This will also be the main page for the bigger mod as well.

We now have a public Discord! Come check us out for updates, and see the progress.


This mod is currently in production, we need more modders! So if you're interested, either send me a message on Nexus, or email us at [email protected]

Thank you for reading!