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Allows injection of Turbo and use of GRX with the press of a button. Pretty well configurable.

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This mod aims to be a vanilla-style bullet time mod, by using the already-existing functionality of chems and perks to balance it.
Really just a convenience thing to avoid using a quickslot or opening your PipBoy, with some nice polish.

By default, the mod will consume Implant GRX first, then Turbo second.

The message that shows up when you press your assigned key will also tell you how much of the used item you have left.
For example, 'Implant GRX was used. 3 remaining.', or 'Turbo was used. 1 remaining.'.
If you have neither GRX nor Turbo, you'll get the message 'You have no Turbo' with a sad vaultboy face.
As of version 1.1, the messages for taking items and the 'no Turbo' messages can be disabled.


Hotkey for Turbo Injection (Default: 46, or C)
Which key should activate your time-slowing chem, determined by DirectX Scancode.
For a list of scancodes, see here: https://geckwiki.com/index.php?title=IsKeyPressed

Prefer Implant GRX over Turbo? (Default: 1)
Lets you tell the system if it should prioritize using Implant GRX or Turbo first.

Use Turbo if GRX is unavailable? (Default: 1)
Allows the mod to use Turbo if you run out of GRX.

Use the item icons for messages? Helps with identification. (Default: 1)
Makes the displayed message use the icon for the item to help you easily know which was taken. If false, it'll use the vault boy.

Display message when using Turbo items?
Lets you enable/disable the message that informs you which item you've taken, and how much you have left.

Display a message telling you if you have no turbo items left?
Allows you to disable the message telling you if you have no items left when trying to use the hotkey.
I know I didn't capitalize 'Turbo' here, but it's not worth recompiling and reuploading the mod just to fix that. I'll do it in the next update, whenever that might be.