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Disables all scripted saves. Fixes for some COC locations that would get you stuck or disable your controls. Disables Old World Blues radar fence.

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I made this for myself but I thought other people might appreciate it too.

1) Disabled all scripted saves.
I was fed up with the scripted saves always slowing things down and repeatedly being overwritten while I was testing things so I made this to remove all scripted uses of AutoSave, ForceSave, and SystemSave.

It makes a significant difference when using the Fort's gate.

2) Fixes for some COC locations that would get you stuck or disable your controls.
I was regularly annoyed at finding myself stuck whenever I used the COC console command for certain cells.
Most notably RedRockCanyon, StripLucky38,  Vault34, Vault34b, and Vault34c.
Sometimes you can free yourself using tcl or moveto to something else, but that soon gets old if you're visiting the same cell a lot.

Some locations aren't easily fixable if at all, but there's usually some other cell nearby that has an easily remembered cell name that you can go to instead.

If you've ever tried coc HooverDamIntOliverArea or unlocked the door to get into the cell you'll find that you can't move at all. This is because it repeatedly disables the player controls while it's waiting for General Oliver to turn up. Obviously he isn't there when you cheat your way in, so it never enables the controls again.

Using coc to teleport into the Old World Blues worldspace early would automatically equip you with a patient gown and start the quest. Now it only starts once you've completed the intro quest.

3) Disables Old World Blues radar fence. 
Another annoying thing was getting teleported back to the Sink while I was looking for other things to fix.
I know that not everyone will want this one, so I've made two versions of the mod. One that includes this change and another one that doesn't

All modified scripts include fixes from YUP.