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This mod adds a brand new town to the northern part of the map that aims to flesh out the area and provide a cosy resting spot for when you need to resupply for trips to the more remote areas of the wastes. It comes with several quests, a fully voiced companion with a companion quest and custom perk, two new sets of armor and a player home.

Permissions and credits
This mod contains my first attempts at creating more advanced stuff with the GECK like NPC's, quests and using custom voices as well as my first attempts at making custom armor using Blender and Nifskope.  Please feel free to give your opinions on what I've created so far. What you like and what you think could be improved. This mod contains:

  • The town itself, located slightly southwest of Raul's Shack which provides all of the services a seasoned wastelander could need (General store, saloon and a fully functional doctor). It has a total of 4 interior cells so far which are all fairly well decorated (Due to issues with missing meshes caused by TTW I am having to work around not being able to place quite a few of my favourite items)
  • Eight quests that will provide quite a bit to do that come with plenty of rewards (Check the read-me for the locations of the quest givers)
  • Robert Monroe, the ghoul sheriff of Monroeville is a possible companion who is fully voice acted, wears a custom set of combat armor made by myself, a custom perk that provides increased radiation and damage resistance and his own companion quest
  • A player home that you'll construct yourself that comes with all the comforts you'd expect
  • Two custom sets of armor created by myself using pre existing assets. 

As of Version 2.0's release I consider this mod to be completed for the time being. However, please report any bugs and issues you run across and I'll try to address them as soon as possible.

I recommend that you install a mod which adds in the child at hear pertk back into the game or just add it in with console commands, I won't spoil why.