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Removes the glowing effect from Whiskey and Scotch bottles. YUP compatible.

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Vanilla Whiskey bottle, for some reason, glows in the dark. Bug or intended effect, the truth is that it is distracting and there's no lore reason to justify it (as opposed to the special glowing Nuka-Cola bottles).

This little mod replaces two meshes:


with meshes that have had the Emissive Color of their contents turned to #000000. whiskeybottle02.nif is an edit of Yukichigai Unofficial Patch's fixed Scotch bottle mesh, which in the vanilla game lacked any contents whatsoever (Yukichigai gave the bottle's contents the same glowing effect as the vanilla Whiskey bottle).

An alternative release, compatible with Precision Collision - Clutter NV, is available for download courtesy of DarkElite99.


Download the main file and install it through your mod manager of choice.
If using Precision Collision - Clutter NV, download the optional file instead and allow it to overwrite Precision Collision's meshes. This is a standalone patch and doesn't require the main file (as it would overwrite it entirely).


Any mod that replaces these meshes will be incompatible. That said, editing the meshes was a simple job of changing the Emissive Color value, so I presume making a compatibility patch of sorts wouldn't be difficult.


Yukichigai and Yukichigai Unofficial Patch: fixed whiskeybottle02.nif by adding liquid to them.
Sigourn: mesh editing.
DarkElite99: mesh editing.