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Tired of sleeping on dirty mattresses and full of vermin you find in your travels? Get your portable bed right now. No dirt or vermin. Light, clean and practical.

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This mod adds a portable bed with its own animations. To use it, click on the bed icon in your inventory and the box will be placed in front of you. Click on the box and a menu will appear. You can activate it or pick it up again. On activation, the bed will be displayed. When the deployment animation is complete, the menu for sleeping will appear. Once you finish sleeping, the bed will fold back into the box. Click on the box to pick it up.

Watch videos and screenshots. You can find FO3 versionĀ here


At the entrance of the Godd Spring General Store.


The bed uses vanilla textures, so it will be compatible with any texture substitute.


When unfolding the bed, find a flat spot because it will always be oriented horizontally, even if the ground is uneven.


Bethesda and Nexus community
and pixelate for his excellent tutorials