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Adds The Viper's Sting battle music, from the official FNV soundtrack, into the game at normal speed. Replaces one of the generic battle songs in the wasteland.

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What does this mod do?

It restores the battle music known as The Viper's Sting (which you can listen to on YouTube, if you'd like to know what this mod adds).

OK, to be fair, Bethesda did actually put this OST in the game, except that it was heavily cut and slowed down.

The way Fallout: New Vegas' music system works is by selecting from various folders within the Music one in the Data folder. Some tracks play according to location (think: NCR locations, Legion areas, generic wasteland tunes, Hoover Dam, etc.), some according to scenario (when you exit Doc Mitchell's house for the first time, for example), and others according to karma.

Here's a brief explanation on the music folder structure: 

There's a folder called DNGN which has about 8 'Dungeon' folders within it. Each of them contains 3 tracks: one for when you're exploring without being detected by an enemy, another for when you're on CAUTION state (I think), and the third one (labelled with 'high' in its name) is the track played during combat/DANGER state.

Then there are other folders within the Music one as well, such as the BTTL folder. This one contains the karma-influenced music and doesn't quite follow the set-up of the Dungeon ones. Just open it up and you'll see folders named Evil1, Evil2, Evil3, Evil4, Good1, Good2, Good3, Good4.

I don't know how the game actually chooses battle music from here, as these tracks can play regardless of your karma state (although the chances might be affected in some way).

Anyway, remember when I said Bethesda did add the Viper's Sting in-game? Well, it turns out that that very slow, very cut version is actually in the Good3 folder, and it's called 'mus_BTTL_Lp_Good3_Rural_Full'.

This means that it's more likely to play when you have good karma (or very good) and are in combat in a rural area/outside cities.

How I've added in The Viper's Sting:

Firstly, whenever you replace one FNV track with another, they have to be the exact same length to actually work. So I've had to cut out the first bit of the track to get it to play properly. Basically, I've taken out the start and got straight to the fast-paced sections.

Then I've replaced one of the DNGN tracks (so not the karma ones, meaning that you'll still get Bethesda's heavily edited, slow version in-game). To be specific, my Viper's Sting file replaces the battle music one found in 'Dungeon3'.

Also note that sometimes the game will start the battle tracks at any point in the song, and not just the start. That's normal as per the game's engine.

So, where am I likely to hear this replacement track?

According to my testing, Dungeon3 usually deals with areas such as the NCRCF, Hidden Valley, Scorpion Gulch, Black Mountain, etc. You'll know it's that when the exploration theme from one area sounds similar to another.

Anyway, my replacement track is likely to trigger when in combat in those areas (or elsewhere too, perhaps). It's not 100% guaranteed, though, as that's how the game works to keep variety in battles.

Installation and removal:

This isn't a plugin, so it won't count towards your mod limit. It's just an mp3 file which you can either install manually or via a mod manager (I still use NMM). It will replace the Dungeon3 track named 'mus_DNGN_Three_3High', so backup your music folder first just in case.

To remove, just overwrite my mp3 with the original. Pretty simple.