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Ever wanted to change the DT values on all armor in the game, while also adding DR to said armor. Well now you can, all through an easy to use MCM. This works with literary any armor, regardless of whether said armor was in the base game, DLC or added by mods. Uses a weight class system to keep things simple and straightforward to use.

Permissions and credits

Armor Matters an Armor rebalancing tool aims to create an experience where the class of armor, light/medium/heavy worn is more important than it is in vanilla.
This is mod does so by overhauling the DT and DR values on any apparel, This is achieved through scripts and should therefore work with any armor in the base game + DLC as well as any armor that's added by mods. It's also fully configurable through the included MCM. So if you want your omega 85% DR Light Armor or want to truly make heavy armor useless by taking away all of its DT. All I can say is, you do you. Though if you want something more balanced that's obviously also possible

Details on the MCM and it's options:

Armor Matters an Armor rebalancing tool. Lets you adjust the DT and DR based on armor classes and equip type(will be simplified to simply class from here on out). Those being Light (Body) Armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Power Armor and Headwear. For DT it's pretty straightforward you simply take every armor piece in a class and multiply its base/unmodified DT by whatever you set the value at in the MCM. Which can be anywhere from 0(removes DT entirely) to 5 times its original DT.

For DR its a little more complicated, mostly on account that this mod allows you 4 entirely different methods those being:

  1. A class based method, which calculates DR purely based on an armor pieces' class
  2. A direct(modified) DT type method where DR is calculated based on an armor pieces' current DT as well as its class, still fairly straight forward
  3. An indirect(unmodified) DT method where DR is calculated based on an armor pieces' base DT as well as its class
  4. No DR modification at all. Basically leaves whatever DR value was already present on armor piece before this mod touched it, which is usually none

If you are unsure which to pick, the first option is my recommendation since its probably the most straight forward, you pick a number and that's your DR right there. It's also what the mod defaults to.
But in case you don't like that The second option is also fairly straightforward since there is still a direct link to an items DT, which makes calculating things easy if nothing else.
Lastly The third option while arguable the most flexible is probably also the hardest to wrap your head around since the only link to DR is an items base DT, which isn't always going to be easily visible at a moments notice. However if you really liked Fallout 3's pure DR system this is the option to pick. Since you can fully eliminate DT with this option, while maintaining a sense of item quality through variable levels of DR.

If you want to experiment with different configurations, The MCM allows you to save & load things to and from the included ini file, which comes with 5 different save slots.

Technical Notes

  • Due to engine limitations DT and DR values will always be rounded down to the nearest whole, this might make some calculations seem inaccurate.
  • Regardless of the DR calculation method chosen. DR will get lowered just like DT if an armor pieces' durability goes below 50%


Make sure that bIgnoreDTDRFix is set to 1 in your jip_nvse.ini this file can be found under data/nvse/plugins (or it's virtualized equivalent for MO2 users)
Install with your mod manager, as normal

File credits:
darthbdaman for their mod DT Multiplier and DR Adder
VariableEagle for their mod Universal Headwear DT Boost