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A handsome mutant to accompany you during your travels

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Who is Dagger?

Dagger is a fully voiced Nightkin Companion, complete with a set of custom armor, weapons and a husky voice. He is a specialist in melee combat, using his unique Proton Axe to cleave his way through enemies. However, this doesn't mean he's a slouch with his ranged weapon, his own personal Multiplas Rifle, which he fires in spurts, and if hits, it'll damn well hurt.

Dagger is a fairly simple companion, with no personal quests or backstory. He has roughly 37 lines of fully voiced dialogue and a unique appearance. 

The reason Dagger is so simple is because he was made using the Companion Voice Resource, created by the lovely Kikiapplus. Dagger was a short experiment to see if I could make anything of substance using said resource, as well as wrap my head around the basics of NifSkope. Dagger is the result of both these experiments, and I figured since he's functional, and there's an abysmal lack of Super Mutant Companions, I may as well upload him. If you want an example of what the purple lad sounds like, you can hear him here- https://soundcloud.com/jei-evans/dagger-sample

Besides this brief experiment, I have a major project in the works that I'm very excited to share with all of you! I can definitely say it's something the Nexus has never quite seen before, and I think you'll all love it! 

With love, BananakillerBRO :)

Screenshots used in images are- 4k Super Mutant Retextures, Realist Wasteland Lighting, and Old World ENB