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A fix for Dead Money to make sneak more feasible by changing the ghost people's perception, available in 3 variations.

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Note: After creating this mod for my own use, I looked and realized a mod like this already exists, created by PickleJar. I figured I'd go ahead and upload mine anyway since I created variants for players who want more of a challenge (but not the Literally Impossible challenge in vanilla), but no intent of ripping off the work done by PickleJar.


This is a simple mod to the Ghost People's perception stat. I've said for a long time that I think the Ghost People were meant to be easy to sneak past, because why else would you set their Perception to 0, and then create dark levels full of alternate routes, hidden traps that encourage moving slowly and cautiously, a survival horror tone that also encourages sneaking cautiously around, and have a bunch of NPC dialogue specifically recommend you try the stealth approach?

Unfortunately the 0 Per stat had the opposite effect of making the Ghost People more perceptive than Harland Williams' character from Down Periscope, or my step-dad who could smell the slightest hint of weed on a younger, more rebellious me's clothes under any amount of Febreze and hours after the crime.

To stop Ghosts from swarming you from the other side of the level when you so much as take one step past the loading screen, here's a mod that changes the Perception of all Ghosts who previously had 0 Per* to a value of your choosing, with 3 options:

Easy - 1 PER, the amount most likely closest to the devs' intended effect
Moderate - 5 PER, similar to average NPCs and creatures
Hard - 8 PER, similar to difficult-to-sneak-past NPCs and creatures, especially those found in other DLCs like LR and OWB


From the ZIP folder, select the version of this mod you would like to use, Easy Moderate or Hard. Select ONLY one file!

Place the .esp of the file you would like to use unto your Data folder located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data

Activate the .esp using a mod manager or the Data Files option on the startup menu.


Deactivate the mod in your mod manager or the Data Files option on the startup menu.

Remove the .esp file from your Data folder

*Note that not all Ghosts found in the GECK had the 0 PER to start with. A number of Ghosts use an actor base which locks their stats to a given value and can't be edited without removing the actor base. In order to avoid getting too screwy with the numbers, I just didn't bother messing with these Ghosts; their PER is locked at 5, so they aren't the ones who were impossible to sneak past anyway.

Just a note in case, even with the mod, one or two Ghosts here and there seem easier or harder (depending on which difficulty level you chose) to sneak past than others -- it's because some are locked at 5 PER.