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Adds incidental pieces of music to Zion Valley in the Honest Hearts DLC, just like in the Mojave.

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Simply adds the small tunes and sounds that are played in the Mountain region of the Mojave to Zion Valley in Honest Hearts.

A feature I rarely see mentioned in FNV's community is the "incidental" pieces of music heard throughout the Mojave wasteland, Lonesome Road and Dead Money's Villa. I rarely use the in-game radio myself, so they stuck out to me as a feature I really enjoyed.

They're often heard as a few notes on a piano or a violin every so often while no constant ambient track, such as a dungeon theme, is playing.

I was somewhat disappointed that Zion Valley was mostly silent in terms of music, and with the Mojave's regular radio signals such as Radio New Vegas out of range, you were stuck with it unless you listened to Old World Blues' mysterious broadcast.

In keeping with the beautiful, nature-filled (but also incredibly dangerous) theme of Zion Valley, I decided to use the "Mountain" Incidental MediaSet in the GECK, used when near Mount Charleston in the Mojave, which adds a more peaceful and rural atmosphere to the area.

A simple mod but one I hope some will appreciate <3

To install, just drop the .esp file into your Fallout New Vegas Data folder. To uninstall, remove or delete it.