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Renames all instances of 5mm (ammo types, recipes, cases, and case box) to 5.7mm. Provides several options on how to deal with the Assault Carbine including two options with modified meshes, one option that rechambers it to 5.56mm and rebalances it, and another option that makes no changes to the weapon.

Permissions and credits
This mod renames all 5mm ammo types, cases, recipes, and the case box to 5.7mm. It is primarily intended to be used alongside a couple of my other mods (see Recommendations) although anyone may download it. Several options are provided that alter the Assault Carbine such that it makes sense together with the renamed ammunition:

  1. Standard versions of the mod (in Main Files) don't make any changes to the Assault Carbine. This is useful if you've already installed a replacer for the Assault Carbine, etc.
  2. Small Mag versions of the mod (in Optional Files) include new meshes that shorten the Assault Carbine's magazine back-to-front, as if it were a conversion (see images).
  3. Top Mag versions of the mod (in Optional Files) include meshes from Top-Feeding Carbine by mc_tammer that change the Assault Carbine to use magazines that make sense with the renamed ammunition (see images) and are consistent with the mods under "Recommendations." You probably don't want this version if you're already using the mod that the meshes come from (and it is a fine mod). If you do already use it, I have also included in Miscellaneous Files an .esp that makes it use the renamed 5mm ammunition (this .esp is only a patch and must be loaded after the original; it is NOT a re-upload).
  4. AC-5.56 versions of the mod (in Optional Files) fully rechamber the Assault Carbine to 5.56mm and rebalance it accordingly, keeping approximately the same DPS with a lower fire rate and higher damage per shot.

The "Small Mag" and "Top Mag" versions also include a new shell casing mesh that's shorter than the vanilla one, again for consistency purposes.

Finally, if you won't be installing any mods that rechamber the Minigun, you may want to download the Minigun Patch (in Miscellaneous Files) which provides an updated texture and shell casing mesh for the Minigun and CZ57 Avenger.

Versions are available either for use with the base game, or with the DLCs.

None. Please report anything you find in the comments.

Depending on the file(s) downloaded, this mod could conflict with anything that alters any of the 5mm ammo types, cases, recipes, or case box, the Assault Carbine or its item mods, and/or the Minigun and CZ57 Avenger (miscellaneous file only).

This mod was created to be used with 5mm Assault Weapons Pack and Minigun and Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun (SMMG) Rechambers (my mods).

See above. Other than the optional patches (see above) in Miscellaneous Files, you should only download ONE of the files from this mod, whether it's one of the versions listed in Main Files or one of the versions listed in Optional Files.

Versions are available for compatibility with GunRunners Arsenal Integration Mod by Lopham.

I understand that the organization may be a bit strange, but I wanted to offer plenty of options and keep this whole thing friendly to mod managers without requiring the user to download too many plugins.

Only download ONE of the twelve main/optional files, depending on your preference. Put the contents of the mod folder (the folder with the .esp inside of it) into your Data folder, or use a mod manager. "Patch" plugins, if you downloaded either of them, should be loaded after the mod's main plugin. To uninstall, delete the mod's files (.esp, meshes, and textures) or uninstall using a mod manager.

Finally, I would like to thank mc_tammer for the meshes in the "Top Mag" optional files, used based upon permissions.