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My Personal Terrain overhaul for most of the new vegas landscape, including rocks and roads (4k/2k)

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My Personal Terrain overhaul for most of the new vegas landscape, including rocks and roads (4k/2k) as of now, this mod covers most of the terrain, rocks, roads as well as red rock canyon and black mountain (LOD INCLUDED) However, you will need to generate your own object and Tree LOD if you use Wasteland Flora overhaul

First, Install "George's Landscape Retextured 2021" file using a mod manager or manually
Second, Install "George's Landscape Retextured Object LOD" file using a mod manager or manually
Lastly, Install Either "512x512px Terrain LOD" File Or The Alternative Higher Res Version "2k Terrain LOD"
Install 4GB patcher (included with ttw)
Optionally, Install the F3 TTW Terrain LOD if you use TTW

    Keep in Mind That the "2k Terrain LOD" Version is 45GB Once Installed, So I recommend the other version for those that are low on Space

- If you chose to use an ENB, then I would recommend my own, either supreme enb, or George's enb, as i made these textures specifically with the enb
- NMC's texture pack of course, (overwrite it with my textures)
-Ojo Bueno (overwrite it with my textures)
- I Highly Recommend using Wasteland Flora Overhaul By Printerkop & Vurt as well as
the "landscape Seam Fix" in the optional files.

- I highly recommend using bethini to tweak the LOD settings so that the LOD will look correct as shown in the images 

Huge Thanks to the people who tested it, you know who you are :)
thanks to Printerkop for letting me use his road trail texture as well as inspiring me to make my own terrain overhaul, as well as just being a great person, teaching me most of the things that i know about texturing

- This mod contains a couple of texture's which are owned by other mod authors, therefore I am not allowed to grant permission to use those specific texture's in a personal project

Without my Generated LOD :

With my Generated LOD :