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This mod features popular CheyTac M200 Intervention Sniper Rifle to Fallout: New Vegas!

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- This mod features popular CheyTac M200 Intervention Sniper Rifle to Fallout: New Vegas!

- Fully integrated into game, not just added somewhere on floor!

- When you hit Level 20, Pop-up Message will appear and weapon starts to add itself to leveled vendor loot lists, along with aiding NCR Rangers and some NCR Troopers!

- When you hit Level 25, quest "I Want To Know You More" appears. With it you can learn to craft gun with all of the attachments in cost of some junk items and some vanilla weapon, and weapon mods! (Similar to Fallout 4 System. ) Quest marker will be added, so you know what to do.

- This mod works with base game, no DLCs or additional stuff needed to download for it to work!

- Only if you want Asurah's Animations to kick in with this sniper, you need to download provided version for it, along with Asurah Reanimation pack installed!

- Complete Leveled List Integration

- Custom Models

- Custom Textures

- Custom Quest

- Custom UI Icons

- Custom Scope Milldot

- Custom Fire Sounds (Cheers FalloutKid14! )

- Custom Attachments

- New Interior and Exterior (Gun Runner's Bunker, Interior fully NavMeshed. Exterior didn't touch as for NavMeshing for the sake of reducing other mods conflicts!)

- Pick any and only one of the four variations of the gun and install it. (Asurah Animations support, folded or unfolded/Vanilla animations, folded or unfolded version)

- Then choose if you want downgraded 2K textures and download it after main file you chosen!

- If you want Asurah Animations to work on gun, you must have Asurah Reanimation pack installed too. Of course, othervise it won't work!

- That's it. Reach Level 20 to see if you get Pop-up Message. If you get one, it works! If not, well, damn..

- This is nothing game-breaking but irritating to me, so I will point it out anyway:

- This weapon uses Anti-Materiel rifle animations, so hand alignment isn't perfect. I can't do anything about that. (It perfectly fits for Assault carbine handgrip animations, but then you don't have firing animations, with reload animations. Scrapped that and made it fit best I could!)

- Same for bolt handle reload hand position! (Hand goes slightly in front upon reloading from bolt lever because all of the vanilla rifles bolts are slightly front in opposition to CheyTac M200 Intervention. )

- When using Asurah Reanimation Pack, bolt part of the gun goes slightly down if you fire gun while not aiming, checked and that is same issue on Mill's L96A1 version with Asurah's anims. Asurah's animation bug.

- Upon reloading sniper, bolt won't move. Same on Mill's L96A1,  Asurah's animation bug.

- On Vanilla version of the gun. Bolt part won't move backwards with bolt because default animations doesn't have additional bone so I can't attach it(It will stay in place). Bolt will move normally!

- FalloutKid14 > Firing sounds.

SiouX > Everything else.