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This is a fan-made patch for Increased Wasteland Spawns to make Legion Patrols attack Merchants traveling the Mojave instead of being allied with them (So you NCR folks won't have to fend off merchants too!)

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This is a fan-made patch for Increased Wasteland Spawns which is a very good mod I highly recommend. A great addition was it added dynamic Patrols as well but a small issue is that the Mod Author made it so that the Legion Faction is allied to both the Merchants and Mercenaries Factions.

This means for NCR-friendly players, when you eventually get ambushed by Legionnaires you'll have to defend yourself not only from them, but also nearby patrolling merchants and potentially mercenaries! (What, were they Frumentarii all this time?!)

And for you folks roleplaying as crazy ass raiders, if you decide to raid a caravan be ready to get hostile with the Legion too!

It felt like a bug to me so I made a patch so that the Legion will treat these Merchants as Enemies instead of sworn Allies.

The reason why I set it as such is not because the Legion are blood-thirsty raiders or something like that, but this is part of an ongoing campaign at the time of the game's setting of them trying to disrupt NCR trade lines. It's not about the Merchants, it's NCR getting less supplies and trade. (Even your NCR quests reflect this like the missing supply quest from HELIOS ONE)

Since IWS Legion patrol spawns are mostly in the south east anyway, you'll only see these merchants get attacked near Legion territory, so this change is still lore friendly.


This is a fan made patch, and it's only a simple esp file. If you have any questions about this file, direct them to me not the original authors of IWS.