Fallout New Vegas
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Replacement .esp for New Vegas Redesigned 2 that allows for compatibility with Mojave Delight Veronica and Cass (and 80 additional NPCs)

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I threw together a patch by deleting a few dozen records from each of the Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 2 .esps (Recommended and Lore Friendly) so they wouldn't overwrite Mojave Delight Veronica and Cass (and 80 additional NPCs). Both options of NVR2, Lore Friendly and Recommended, are supported. This way you can have some Mojave Delight female NPCs while maintaining the improved appearance of the other female and all of the male NPCs. This also can be used without the latter mod for compatibility with any other mod that edits Veronica, Cass, Sunny Smiles, and several other female characters.

The screenshots use several other mods, which can be found in my Nuclear Mod List.

This mod is not needed for compatibility with FNVR3/Qwinn's Refined FNVR3.