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A new dose of patriotism for your Wasteland!

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The Enclave Radio mod by GCRust is great in concept, but it's pretty old now and I was never that happy with the sound quality or song choices. With his permission, I've remastered the Enclave Radio station with brand new songs, normalized and radio-processed audio, and new musical jingles for Alan Morgan's narrations. There's now 32 songs in total, ranging from patriotic symphonies to simple folk tunes.

2.0 is an overhaul of the songs with better conversion formatting, a few bug fixes, and five new songs. I've divided Morgan's narrations into their own dialogue topic, and in testing, there should be a good ratio of songs that play before he narrates now. It's random, and with only 9 narrations (GCRust's original voiceovers) to 32 songs, some will inevitably repeat but only rarely. Morgan's longer news and "Who are the Enclave?" broadcasts should now only play once a day.

Standalone version (2.x): install with your preferred mod manager. Original mod is not required now (but you should still go endorse it).
Standalone version (old): first version with only 9 tracks if you don't want any more songs. Original mod is required.
For the Enclave version: install with your preferred mod manager. For the Enclave is required. Does not have the additional songs.

All credits for the original mod go to GCRust; uploaded with permission. Please go endorse it if you can. Songs are pulled from the public domain or are fair-use. Thanks EPDGaffney for helping me out on getting mp3 radio files to work.

Track List:
Golden Records - The Star Spangled Banner, The Caissons Go Rolling Along, The Army Air Corps, From the Halls of Montezuma, My Country 'Tis of Thee
Mitch Miller - Battle Hymn of the Republic, Yellow Rose of Texas, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, I'm Goin' Back to Dixie, Bonnie Blue Gal
The Mellomen with Thurl Ravenscroft - Battle Cry of Freedom
United States Navy Band - The Stars and Stripes Forever (instrumental)
The Goldman Band - The Marines' Hymn (instrumental)
The Fireside Singers - Over There/Grand Old Flag Medley
Kay Kyser - Praise the Lord (And Pass the Ammunition)
David Buttolph Orchestra - The Girl I Left Behind Me
Tennessee Ford - Army of the Free
Johnny Mercer - G.I. Jive
Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again
Johnny Horton - The Battle of New Orleans, Sink the Bismarck, John Paul Jones
Marty Robbins - Ballad of the Alamo
SSgt. Barry Sadler - Ballad of the Green Berets, Salute to the Nurses
American Geographic Society - The Green Mountaineer
U.S. Army Orchestra - Hail to the Chief
U.S. Marine Band - Hail Columbia, Washington Post March
Periscope Film LLC Archive - Anchors Aweigh
Tennessee National Guard - 7th Cavalry March (instrumental)
United States Army Chorus - 7th Cavalry March (Garry Owen)
Unknown - Blood Upon the Risers
Fallout 3 Enclave Radio - Alan Morgan's narration music